ConductCoach marries the rules your student athletes need to understand with basic legal information they need to navigate the legal issues that arise in their lives. ConductCoach has three different versions available, one for each of the major athletic divisions. The By-laws have been re-written in clear language and reorganized into an intuitive structure that will be easy for your student athletes to navigate. The traditional compliance handouts and booklets you gave them in August are long gone or misplaced by October. How many of your student athletes have a phone? How often do you see them on their phones? With ConductCoach you can smile because you know the information they need is always with them.


This application provides coaches with the recruiting information they need at their fingertips. ConductCoach-Recruiting takes the rules your coaches need to understand in regard to recruiting and reorganizes them so all of the rules related to a specific topic are all in one place. No longer will time be spent scrolling or flipping between multiple pages to understand one specific topic. Now when your coaches are on the road recruiting and away from your school, they will have the additional assistance of ConductCoach-Recruiting with them on their phone at all times.